Saturday, 11 February 2017

Flash in the pan

It only fired for half a hour.
At first it was sucking dry.
A hour later it had gone fat.
But when it was on the crew gave it a good nudge.


  1. Yo Giles. Sean here the surf shop. couple people have come in asking for the shots from your site but unsure what the deal is. Since you are useless and never have a phone for long....hit me up when you have a chance

    1. Hay bro
      I put my shots on the blog full size everyone is welcome to copy them from there.
      Or hit me up with a comment on the blog.
      Stoke love and mungbaens

  2. Love the third shot the angle is awesome. Can see the sand bar and a slight rainbow in off shore spray did he get barreled?
    Classic PATAUA